Meetings are held one Wednesday a month at 6 p.m. throughout the school year. Meetings last approximately 1 hour. Attendance is mandatory.
In order to be excused from a meeting, a member must contact the SF Director of Membership via email or phone prior to the meeting. The following will be considered as a valid excuse:

  1. Personal illness
  2. A job interview
  3. Conflict with class
  4. Any reasonable excuse that is approved by the officers/advisor


Each new member will be responsible for giving a weekly admission tour to prospective students. In addition, it is expected that each member keep current with the “Tour Notes” provided by the Admissions Office. Each Student Foundation meeting includes a speaker who will update the membership on the latest campus news and highlights.

What if I can’t make my tour?

  1. Find a Student Foundation member to replace you.
  2. Contact your tour partner and the Director of Campus Tours to let them know you can’t make your tour and inform him/her who will be your replacement.
  3. Call the admissions office at extension 7490 and tell them that you will not be able to make your tour that day. Inform them of your replacement.

New Member Retreat

The all-day retreat serves as a training session and provides the opportunity for members to get acquainted.  This all-day retreat is held every January and required for new members.

Alumni Events

A variety of events will be offered throughout the semester.  Members will be notified in advance about event opportunities.

Thank-You Calling

Each member is required to spend two hours one night each semester calling to thank donors. Members will be given several dates to pick from during the semester.

Senior Gift Committee

Senior members will participate in the Senior Class Gift Committee (SCGC) as a member of the SCGC. The committee members’ primary responsibility is to market the Senior Class Legacy to their fellow classmates. Participation on the SGC is required and is seniors' ONLY responsibility during the spring semester, as that is the peak marketing time for the program. In the fall semester, SCGC members will attend three SCGC training sessions. Funds raised through SCGC will be used to provide support for future TCU students.

Carter Committee

Students serving on the Carter Committee will assist in athletic recruiting throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Other Programs/Events

All other programs planned by the leadership of Student Foundation will be optional, but participation is highly encouraged.